Past Students


Sr.No Name of the Research Scholar Specialization Guide Name Title of the study Ph.D. was awarded in the year
1 Dr. Dhawale Poonam Prakash Financial Management Dr. Mayanka Sharma “A Study of working Capital Management of listed Steel Industries in Maharashtra for the Period 2005-2015.” 2020
2 Dr. Revati Balutkar Financial Management Dr. Ashutosh Gadekar A study of the role of microfinance companies in the development of the economically weaker election in Pune city for the period 2006 to 2011. 2020
3 Dr. Vyas Ashish Krishna Human Resource Management Dr. Mohan V. Uchgaonkar “A study of effectiveness of competency mapping and competency development initiatives for managerial personnel in select manufacturing and service industries in Pune 2021
4 Dr Milind Kulkarni Human Resource Management Dr A B Dadas A study of Sustainability of Executive Coaching with special referance to Performance Behaviour. 2018
5 Dr. Nidhi Arora Human Resource Management Dr Vijay Dhole “Critical Analysis of Employee Engagement Practices with Reference to Generation Y’s Expectations Across selected (IT and ITES) Organisations in Pune”. 2020
6 Dr. Poonam Abhijit Rawat Human Resource Management Dr. Anand Dadas Role of Industry Dynamics and Organizational Culture in Adoption of Employee Engagement Practices in Selected Industries in Pune 2020
7 Dr. Sulbha B Waghmare Human Resource Management Dr. Vijay Dhole A Study of Impact of Quality of worklife of employees working in BPO industry in Pune 2018
8 Dr. Ukhlikar Pravinkumar Digamberrao Human Resource Management Dr Dhole Vijaykumar Balasaheb A Study of Industrial Accident’s and HR Interventions for Prevention Automobile Industries 2019
9 Mhatre Ghanshyam Machindra Human Resource Management Dr.Vijay Dhole “A study of Human Resource Management (HRM) role in corporate social responsibility in India” 2019
10 Dr. Shrikant Waghulkar Marketing Management Dr. Vinod Sayankar A study on marketing strategies adopted for online marketing of agricultural greenhouse products and its impact on stakeholders 2019
11 Dr. Radha Louis Marketing Management Dr. Nitin Zaware A study on viewer’s perception about ethics in television advertising in Pune region 2019
12 Dr. Rashmi Phirake Marketing Management Dr. Saroj Hiremath An analytical study of inclusion of children in TV advertisements and it’s impacton behaviour of children and attitude of parents in Pune city: A parent’s perspective. 2018
13 Dr. Vikas S. Dole Marketing Management Dr. Satish Warpade Study of Convergence of Product Choice and Brand Preferences among Rural and Urban Consumer in select product categories. 2019
14 Dr. Vinod Mohite Marketing Management Dr. Mayanka Sharma was” An Analytical Study of Consumer Behavior and Consumer Perception of Services Provided by Private Banks in Pune City” 2018
15 Dr Yogesh Kumar Upadhyay Organizational Management Dr. M.B. Sonawane A Study of Proficiency Improvement Programmes and Their Effects on Automotive Manufacturing Industries in India (A Study for the Period of 2006-2011) 2018
16 Dr. Dileep Baragade Organizational Management Dr. Suresh Dharane Business Opportunity and Challenges in IT industry in Pune 2018
17 Dr. Swapnil Pandey Organizational Management Dr. Suresh Dharane A Study of Rural Entrepreneurship Education in Junnar Taluka of Pune District 2018