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Human Resource Management


Sr.No. Research Paper Title
Author & Co-Authors

A study and analysis of existing practices of Competency Mapping and Competency Development and most preferred practice of them in select Manufactring and Service Industries in Pune

Prof Ashish K. Vyas and Dr. Anand B. Dadas

Acquiring Cross-Cultural Competence as a Skill for Global Success 

Dr. Preeti Shirodkar

An emprirical  Study on impact of Green Human Resource Functions on Environmental performance : Case study with reference to ICICI Bank

Roshana Jaid and Ashutosh Misal

Causes of Loss of Workplace productivity due to Absenteeism among employees in MSRTC with special reference to Nagpur Depot Maharashtra

Dr. Nitin Shrigiriwar

A Study of Employee Engagement Models to build new Business Approaches.

Poonam Abhijit Rawat & Dr. A.B. Dadas

The Role of Social Media on Personality Development in adolescence.

Vidya Wankhade & Dr. A.B. Dadas

HR Intervention For Accident Prevention : A Case Study

P.D. Ukhlikar & Dr. V.B. Dhole &amp B.R. Shimple & B.M. Ramchandra

The Impact of training on Workers productivity in Textile Industry – A Case Study of “Victory Fashions”

Bhakti Hivarkar & Dr. A.B. Dadas

Gear up with EU Partner to run Industry 4.0 : Framework for Public Vet in India

Mr. Dinesh D. Doke & Dr. A.B. Dadas