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I take this opportunity to invite you to the Placement Program at Neville Wadia institute of Management Studies and Research. The time comes again for us to expose the best minds we have to the outer world that waits to test and absorb the talent radiating from every individual. I assure you that your expectations will not just be met, but will be surpassed substantially. The student mix in the batch is handpicked from some of the most diverse walks of life. This diversity has resulted in experiential learning and appreciation of varied cultures and tastes.

The curriculum here has been dynamically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the industry to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and decision making skills to be the leaders in the ever changing world of business.

Change – That word sure has a lot of meaning and purpose for all of us here at Neville Wadia. It is the premise on which the academic programs are designed to be effective. The distinguished faculty at Neville Wadia which forms the most impacting clout in academic and consulting circles has taken the pains to ensure that the student of today is constantly acclimatized to the dynamics of change and takes his rightful place amongst the future change drivers of the industry I welcome you to experience this change.

Neville Wadia has maintained an aura of culture and legacy over the last 18 years of innovative growth and excellence Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles the alumni of Neville Wadia today don the most challenging and demanding roles in industry – India and abroad. This is testimony to the trust and belief that the industry has bestowed on us for years and more importantly is the commitment of Neville Wadia to deliver the best consistently. The prime objective of adopting a unique pedagogical style and methodology is to make our students aware of business realities. This translates into benefit when they get productive and mesh into new culture from the word go.

Adding value, therefore, to their CVs is incidental, but creating the value to their persona is the ultimate motive. This journey from darkness to light for the students would not be possible but for the strong bond that Neville Wadia shares with the business world.


Mrs. Radha J. L.
Placements Head
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Contact numbers – +91 9923100738 & 020-26160788