Core Values


Dedication to Excellent Academics

The following points adhere to Dedication to Excellent Academics

  • Academic Calendar is displayed on the website
  • Regular messages regarding lectures are posted on official groups
  • Regular feedback is taken from students pertaining to lectures, activities, events.
  • Assignments, Podcasts, Group activities, case study, role plays are a part of the teaching pedagogy
  • Concurrent evaluation is taken for performance of the students
  • Online lectures are recorded and posted in Google classroom for further reference
  • Continuous mentoring of students given by experienced teachers
  • Weak students are helped by extra classes
  • Notices regarding exams are displayed periodically
  • Students are encouraged to write research papers, articles.

Collaborative learning 

  • Groups of two or more learners work together to solve problems, complete tasks, or learn new concepts.
  • Promotion of student-faculty interaction, by writing research papers, articles in UGC journals
  • Students are encouraged to take up Swayam courses for their specialization
  • Students are made to collaborate in pairs, teams for projects, assignment.
  • Discussions, debates for life skills, soft skills, communication sessions
  • Collaborative learning by teaching (CLBT), students may have difficulties with sel-discipline, which can be overcome by teamwork skills

Credibility & Honesty

  • Honesty and credibility is a trait of Neville Wadia, the Director clearly sends communications to the staff regarding all directives.
  • All rules and regulations are strictly followed as per the management directives.
  • Rules regarding code of conduct for students is available on the website
  • The Director takes the creditability pertaining to the welfare of the staff.

Social Responsibility & Ethics

  • E-waste drive
  • Tree plantation